"I really enjoyed my treatment and felt great afterwards" Leesa, Manly

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"I feel much stronger in my sense of self and am making small but important life changes. All positive feedback here, you were amazing - very caring and kind...which is what I exactly needed!" Joanna, Sydney

Spring Summer Autumn Treatment Price List

By Julia Adams | Posted Tuesday, November 17 2015 at 7:22 AM

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Here is the True Nature Hawaiian Healing and Massage 2017 - 2018 Spring-Summer-Autumn Treatment Menu and Price List - we call them Soothements because they soothe the soul, calm a busy mind, realign you with Spirt and reconnect you with your world. When you are in balance, everything in your world is in balance and you simply flow better. These Soothements carry the ancient tradition of healing from Hawaii as taught to Julia by the Lineage Holders of her tradition. You can learn more about them at www.manaokahiko-australia.com

When you intuitively know you need true healing, not just words used by modern marketers to attract clients and make sales, this is the place to start. Traditional healing will make a real difference in your life when you have regular treatments - it does in ours and it will be the same for you too.


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