"Wow, this weekend I feel like a new person. It feels like a lot of the "stuff" I have been carrying around has lifted." Dee, Fairlight

Energetic Healing Manly - Spiritual Healing, Energetic Healing, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy

"Lomi Lomi for me is not just a physical massage, it is a healing and valuable when mixed with a mentoring session." Deborah, Castlecrag

Energetic Healing

The Sensoria is energetic and spiritual healing. The Sensoria is a 1 hour sensory aria to restore balance and harmony to your life. This special energetic bodywork treatment is a magical, multi-sensory fusion of traditional Hawaiian hands-on healing, chakra balancing, crystal vibrational healing, aromatherapy and sound to alleviate stress, tension, reduce pain and free emotional  blocks.

The Sensoria is a magical, blissful one hour of focused energetic healing that balances and harmonises the body's energy and power centres (chakras), removes energetic distortions and clears the body's energy fields. An exciting fusion of therapies designed to relieve, soothe, rejuvenate and rebalance.

Create your own Sensorial Surrender by adding a 1 Hour Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to your treatment.

You can heal your life and Hawaiian Healing is a very powerful way to do it. Go on over to the Contact page to book your session with Juliaask her a question or use the form below.

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"Let the passion of your spirit guide you and walk gently on the earth..."