"Wow, this weekend I feel like a new person. It feels like a lot of the "stuff" I have been carrying around has lifted." Dee, Fairlight

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"Lomi Lomi for me is not just a physical massage, it is a healing and valuable when mixed with a mentoring session." Deborah, Castlecrag

Traditional Ho’oponopono

As a process, practitioners of Ho'oponopono understand that for true healing to take place, all of the stones, the 'limiting constructs' of our experiences that weigh us down, must be removed. Traditional Ho'oponopono includes the use of prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, mutual restitution, forgiveness and rememberance.

These concepts, their power and their application are not easily understood at first but as the process is explained and it continues to unfold, you soon learn by direct experience the potency of each component of Ho'oponopono, and how the integration of each one is healing your issue on every level of your existence. You can feel change as the process smoothly moves you from one thing to another in small gradual steps.

Because the only goal is to find the “stone” - the thing that prevents you from moving forward - in the process you will examine, clear and heal ancestral lines and any other past relationship connections before moving into the present to heal the stone so that it’s gone forever.

Powerful, profound and deeply spiritually healing, a process takes 2 hours and is traditionally followed by LOMI LOMI to clear out stale energy and old connections and bring in clean, healing and nuturing energy from Source.

Ho'oponopono is safe, effective and above all proven - it's still used in Hawaii today to help people resolve issues and faciliate an increase in self-love and self-esteem and a greater sense of purpose and connection.

Ho'oponopono will help you too. When you work with Julia (who's also a trained Psychotherapist) you are in safe, supportive and caring hands. 

Now is the time to heal those things that are causing you pain and suffering and stopping you from feeling truely happy. Use the contact form below to make your appointment request or go to the Contact page.


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