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"The Lomi Lomi was a beautiful experience. I would recommend it for any reason at all" Vanessa, Dural, Lomi Lomi Client

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"I've enjoyed many different types of massage over the years but my first experience with Lomi Lomi was a revelation. Using traditional methods in a relaxed setting Julia's massage encouraged my body to release tensions and restore balance naturally. After the 2hr session the sense of well being lasted all day ending with a really sound sleep that evening. Turn yourself over to Julia's healing hands and your body will thank you! Judy, Dee Why

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Massage Therapy Centre in Manly NSW offering Traditional Hawaiian Massage, Remedial massage, Relaxation massage and some health fund rebates

From a land as old as the Earth herself, we present to you the sacred artistry of Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - Hawaiian Massage in its most pure form; a holistic, therapeutic massage for the spirit, mind, body and soul. What we offer is far beyond other massage styles - it combines thousands of years of expert know-how about the physical body and the interplay of the mind, the emotions and spiritual connection in feeling happy, healthy and well.

Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic Massage and a Remedial Massage:

  • Lightly fragranced herbs and essential oils infuse the air, nurturing and uplifting the spirit. The body rests warm and cosy upon a double-layered padded table dressed with imported linens.
  • Exotic and aromatic organic coconut oil of the finest quality soothes the skin, the body and the mind, leaving the entire body feeling refreshed, cleaned, nourished, invigorated and luminous.
  • The healing powers of this very traditional Hawaiian massage work deeply into the tissues and muscles, gently warming them with a combination of long, flowing, languid strokes lulling the body and mind into a state of deep, hypnotic-like relaxation.
  • With the body softened, loosened and immersed in relaxation first, gentle kneading and trigger point work into tight, strained or stressed muscles encourages circulation and begins to free tangled, knotted muscle fibres and mobilises stiff joints.
  • The massage is slow, restful, calming, soothing and nurturing. Afterwards your entire body feels peaceful, refreshed, free, revitalised and energetically restored.

You will leave with these 10 benefits:

  • a deep sense of overall peacefulness and deep seated wellness you still feel weeks later
  • relaxation, stress and tension release
  • improved circulation
  • flexible soft and deep tissue
  • cleansed and drained Lymphatic system
  • cleaned and detoxified body from the inside out
  • pain relief in muscles and in joints
  • rejuvenation of vital organs that function correctly
  • spiritual and emotional healing
  • feel reconnected spiritually and at one with everything

In a Traditional Hawaiian Massage, the whole body is treated. Experience a healing ritual that has stood the test of time and remained unchanged for thousands of's simply exceptional.

Where to now - it's pure and simple, we want to see you...soon:

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Lomi Lomi Massage - Pregnancy Lomi Lomi

Experience the health benefits of Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Pregnancy Lomi Lomi. This beautiful massage is a blessing of care for both mother and child.

On a specially designed table that allows you to lie face down, safe and supported, you will feel the benefits of this traditional Hawaiian Massage straight away.

Immediately relaxing, Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi restores and rejuvenates, helping to minimise the negative affects of stress on mother and baby.


Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is all about Care

Here you are welcomed with old fashioned Polynesian care - you'll feel pampered, safe and cared for from the moment we meet. With the office located in a different area and only one person treated in the studio at a time, it's all about you.

You won't see Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage on You Tube (but if you click here you will see the Australian Training Centre, some of the students and a message from Kahu Sherman Dudoit) because it's part of the sacred and respectful honouring of this lineage. On You Tube you may get an idea about Hawaiian Massage from other Lineages, unfortunately most of what you see has been tainted, changed and commercialised, especially the draping. Here you are always treated respectfully and honoured as in the Old Way.

What we offer you in your Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Treatment is completely authentically awesome and unique to True Nature. Careful, experienced hands, 5 star service, an authentic Hawaiian Massage. After 2 500+ treatments - it's simply exceptional in every way. And, - remember - Julia's been trained directly by the Kahunas - this makes a huge difference in how the Lomi Lomi massage is done and how you feel after it.

Arrive a little early to prepare for your appointment, relax on the undercover verandah, ease into your treatment.

Get the 2015 Treatment Menu and Price List - we call our treatments Soothements because they soothe the soul.

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Let the passion of your spirit guide you and walk gently upon the earth...