"The Lomi Lomi was a beautiful experience. I would recommend it for any reason at all" Vanessa, Dural, Lomi Lomi Client

Relaxation Massage in Manly for Women with the best massage therapist in Manly

"I've enjoyed many different types of massage over the years but my first experience with Lomi Lomi was a revelation. Using traditional methods in a relaxed setting Julia's massage encouraged my body to release tensions and restore balance naturally. After the 2hr session the sense of well being lasted all day ending with a really sound sleep that evening. Turn yourself over to Julia's healing hands and your body will thank you! Judy, Dee Why

Lomi Lomi Massage - Pregnancy Lomi Lomi

Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi helps to reduce and alleviate neck and back pain, stress on weight bearing joints, maintain flexibility, increase lymphatic circulation, reduce oedema and fatigue, stimulate and balance your endocrine system.

The gentle,yet firm, long flowing strokes of Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi increases your sense of wellbeing whilst at the same time helping to release tight spots caused by postural changes, muscle weakness and imbalance.

It is wonderful for providing emotional support and nurturing, improves your body awareness and can help relieve some of the anxiety and apprehension associated with preparing for your new baby.

Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a sacred and therapeutic experience that has been used for hundreds of years to support women through their pregnancies. You're able to fully relax on the table because the of the unique trapdoor design - when you lay face down, the foam of the table drops through and your baby is supported in a padded hammock. When you turn over, your back is supported in the same way. It feels wonderful and women who have it regularly notice the benefits:

  • reduces swelling in hands, feet and ankles
  • lessens sciatic pain
  • eases muscular discomforts in areas like the lower back, neck, calf cramps, and tension and tightening in the whole body
  • tones loose muscles, relaxes tense muscles and can help increase flexibility
  • helps with relaxation which in turn can decrease insomnia
  • increase blood and lymph flow, which can help increase the elimination of toxins through the circulatory and lympathic systems, this can also help fatigue
  • increases oxygen in the blood, sometimes up to 10-15% after a Lomi Lomi
  • strengthens the immune system
  • stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers, into the brain and nervous system
  • helps relieve anxiety, stress and/or depression
  • helps increase blood circulation, which in turn, delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the mother and baby
  • can be used during the birth as well as after making both experiences easier and more comfortable
  • eases stress mothers often feel after the birth

It is a perfect gift for mothers to be and absolutely essential during pregancy to maintain wellness. Unlike other pregnancy massages, our clients feel like they've actually had a massage - they'll often say that whilst they've had other massages, they never feel fully satisfied because things get left out.

And don't forget, it's excellent too when the baby is born. New mothers are often in awkward positions with feeding and co-sleeping, so Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi frees that tension and helps the body, mind and emotions recover from the birth process.

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